Back in Costa Rica 2024!

This is my fifth trip to Costa Rica where I bring all of  my high-speed equipment to photograph Jumping spider. The first one was in December, 2012, followed by December 2019, just before the COVID pandemic, then March 2022 and January 2023. In the 2012  and 2022 trips I had the opportunity to leave the equipment set up for more than a week and those were my most productive trips. In 2019 I set it up in two different locations for three days each and I didn’t get a single good photo on that trip. Last year I had it set up for five days and I got three good photos.

So, I’m headed for the Monte Verde cloud forest in a couple of days and I will have four-and-a-half days to do my photography. I’m very curious to see what different species I find up there compared to the Central Valley and the lowland rain forest.